Greetings from Kansas City, Missouri and thanks for taking a look around! As you explore our site you will find events, pictures, videos and a guest book.

Knot So Squares supports and promotes Modern Western Square Dance (MWSD).

We dance the Callerlab specified level of MWSD.

Knot So Squares is an "alternative" square dance club.

What, you might ask, does "alternative" mean? Simply put, we dress casual and many of our dancers are all-position dancers. Girls and guys each dance lead and follow. If you've never tried it, how about now?

We don't just dance to old country fiddle music. We dance to anything with a 4/4 beat. For example: Michael Jackson's Thriller, Lady Gaga's Bad Romance & Poker Face; Judy Garland's Somewhere Over the Rainbow.

Have a favorite song you might like to dance to? Ask our caller.

EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY (December 16, 2014)! To help everyone with a youngster in their family afford dancing we have created a YOUTH DANCE ADMISSION for those under 18. Simply come to one of our dances accompanied by an adult and the youth gets 50% off (current regular admission $6, youth rate $3).

You've gotta dance like there's nobody watching
Love like you'll never be hurt
Sing like there's nobody listening
And live like it's heaven on earth
― William W. Purkey